Please send us your ideas... we would love to post your idea for how to make the headband holder personal for you.  How do you use it? 
Headband Mess!Hard to find headbandsHeadband Holder InstalledHeadband OrganizationHeadband Holder, headband oranized, headband storage
These pictures show the inspiration for the Ultimate Headband Holder.  This was the REAL storage method we had before the headband holder was invented.  There was nothing on the market that could organize this many headbands.   We installed three Holders - 30" each (we no longer make this size) - organizing over 50 headbands in a walk-in closet.  Now if the rest of the closet could stay this clean! 
Empty Headband Holder (red)Headband Holder on DresserHeadband Holder on Dresser
Here, the creative mother painted a 12 inch Headband Holder with red Krylon Plastic Paint to match the bookshelf.  Now, the solution is both elegant and functional.  When the headbands are removed you hardly notice the Headband Holder.  When the headbands are organized, it provides a nice display for the cute headbands!
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Decorating the Ultimate Headband Holder is an excellent project for children!  They love doing it, and they also have a useful product at the end!

Headband HolderHeadband Holder
An 8" and 12" headband holder cleaning up the bathroom and conveniently putting headbands in your reach!
18 Inch headband holder cleaning up our oldest daughter's dresser.  Nicely fits on the side of the dresser out of the way, but convenient to get to.  Perfect solution!
Some fun photos of the headband holder in action!  Mounts under shelves, and even sideways!  Also works great for belts.  Check out our sister site:
Here are a few close-up pictures of HOW the Ultimate Headband Holder works!  It simply fits into the groove at the top of the holder, and the soft, foam edge gently holds the headband in place - works on virtually every kind of headband!