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On a trip to Colorado in 2009, our whole family was discussing different ideas that would make life a little simpler.  With three young daughters (all who wear headbands) we discussed the challenges of storing and more importantly, FINDING headbands.  My daughters often would wear the exact same few headbands even though we have over 50 to choose from!  All of our headbands were stuck under the bathroom sink in a big bin, making a huge mess than nobody ever wanted to go through.  My husband came up with this design, and had a prototype made.  Immediately we knew we were onto something!  That little journey has lead us to creating the Original Headband Hanger, which we also branded the Ultimate Headband Holder!  In 2011 "Heidi's House" was born, and our company has slowly started to grow!

The headbands have never been more organized, or easy to store and find.  My girls actually LOVE the convenience and ease of use... and unlike traditional headband holders, the Ultimate Headband Holder does not stretch headbands out and ruin them.
In addition, the Ultimate Headband Hanger is easy to install (no tools required) and simple to use.  We hope you like it as much as we do.  Please send us your feedback... we would love to know what you think.

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Ever since our founding we have been supporting children with a portion of the profits of our little business through donations to various organizations. 

In 2014 we decided to make it a central part of our mission and team with one not-for-profit that shares our values; so we teamed up with Love 146 -  a world-wide organization dedicated and committed to stopping child trafficking and exploitation! 

We are a for-profit business, and the $1 we donate for each holder can represent over 20% of our profits on that sale.  We believe that corporate responsibility is an essential value, and since our product focuses primarily on girls - we wanted to partner with an organization that helps girls as their primary mission.

Thank you for visiting - and even if you don't purchase a holder, we hope you will consider supporting this outstanding organization!
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