What is it... how does it work?
headband storage
headband holder
headband organizer
headband holder
  • Patent Pending Acrylic (Plastic) Headband Holder
  • So easy, even the smallest "princess" can keep organized
  • Guaranteed* to hold EVERY headband you own
   Thick, thin, wide, skinny metal, plastic... ALL will work!
  • Will not strech out your headbands like other holders
  • Mounts on walls, behind doors, in cabinets, under shelves
  • A proven solution with thousands sold around the world
  • Simple to install, Simple to use... Simply the Best!
*We will refund 100% of the purchase price if you are not happy with this product for any reason.  See terms and conditions.
A simple solution that is super cute
when loaded with headbands!
The Original Headband Hanger is a simple, easy to install solution that can be mounted anywhere, and once loaded with your personal 

headband collection, becomes a cute addition to any room.  Can also be installed behind doors, in closets, under the bathroom sink... almost anywhere!  If you want to display your headbands...

this solution is for you.  If you want to keep them hidden away, it works for that too.  It is a universal storage
solution - simple to install, simple to use 

Simply the best!
Headband Holder
Simply the Best Headband Holder Available
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